No Limits

Total innovation

When we say there’s no limit to what the Digitizme team can manage, imagine and create, we really mean it. And if your need is so unique that we need to go back to R&D, then we will.
When it comes to No Limits, the project is to design something completely innovative. Together, we will invent the future and your industry’s next big thing. Whether you need a 100% bespoke smart solution created entirely from scratch, tailored distribution, consultancy or a one-off design for a new space, you can count on us.

Technological innovation

As you’ve surely understood by now, Digitizme’s engineers love charting new territory. Pushing the limits of technology to bring you concrete solutions that work. Any piece of smart technology could come out of their visionary minds.

Tailor-made sales spaces

If we decide to reinvent your industry’s sales paradigm together, it won’t be in half measures. And, more importantly, we will do everything to help you reach new heights. Here, design meets technology, innovation meets passenger flow management, originality meets practicality… a positive domino effect to tackle every aspect of your project.

Furniture design

Innovating is not only about creating new technology or smart machines, it’s also about crafting tailored spaces with standout designs to your specifications. As it happens, we can do that too.

A few

Digitizme reinvents local distribution

Creation and development of a bespoke solution for distributing ready-to-eat pizza. An ambitious project, with the deployment of 500 machines in several countries.

solution application espace, point de vente connecté

Digitizme's smart fridge goes worldwide

Innovation in the world of smart fridges with several dozen sites across the globe (incl. France, New Zealand and The Netherlands).

solution frigo connecté entreprise et professionnel

Launch and expansion of unique sales space

Creation and deployment of a sales space concept in Belgium and Luxembourg.

point de vente frigo connecté entreprise espace coworking