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The ecosystem that transforms sales

Works. Sells. Simplifies management. Collects actionable and insightful data. That’s what Digitizme does. All the rest is technical. And we deal with everything that’s technical, from A to Z.

The result? A one-of-a-kind environment that achieves your objectives thanks to 3 pillars underpinned by the Digitizme approach.


The technological revolution

At the core of Digitizme lies our flagship technology: the Digibox.

In simple terms, the Digibox serves as the cornerstone of our solutions and is what makes everything possible. It connects everything together. Makes everything intelligent and amasses a goldmine of data for your business. For example, the Digibox can be used to transform your existing vending machines into smart vending machines without replacing them. 

In technical terms, it stands as the only technological solution capable of interfacing with existing systems and managing operations with real-time sales analysis.

In short, the Digibox gives you comprehensive and instantaneous insights at your fingertips.

Physical points of sale

Smart machines


Machine access

Back Office portal

Manage. Manage. Manage.

Nowadays, how we operate smart or self-service machines has radically changed…precisely because they are smart and self-service.
Digitizme empowers operators to meet evolving consumer trends and tailor their approach to the reality of each POS by empowering them to manage, communicate and collect valuable data thanks to a comprehensive and granular management solution.

Operator control




External app interfacing

Delivery module

User interface

Sell (and everything that goes with it)

At Digitizme, our mission is to ensure that your offer meets market demand. To do so, we aim to harness technology for the benefit of your business. And if we are to succeed, the user experience must be flawless. Flaw-less. We therefore place significant emphasis on the quality of interactions between consumers and our smart technology. When the user experience is frictionless, success naturally follows.

User interface


Web app & native app

Click & Collect

What about data?

Let's not beat around the bush. Data is everywhere.

Your system is capable of collecting a large variety of data, from the installation of the Digibox to user behaviour and how your machines are operated, which can then be used to inform each business decision with objective criteria.