Plug & Play

Ready-to-go, standard products

Smart fridges, vending machines, smart lockers… Digitizme offers a large range of machines that make your point of sales more attractive, modular and productive. The goal: more sales and a better customer experience.

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Fridges, freezers and cabinets

With Digitizme, your point of sales becomes the focal point where supply meets demand. A next-generation POS that recognises when products are taken and added, 24/7.

Whether it be the temperature, finish or features… your individual are our priority.

Vending machines

Digitizme offers the latest generation of vending machines. Intelligent machines with a built-in elevator that not only delivers your products safely, but also boosts sales 24/7. Outdoor, XL, a stylish design… it’s the choice that defines the experience.

frigo connecté, solution digitale de paiement distributeur automatique

Smart lockers

The purpose of a smart locker is to give you unparalleled freedom when designing your 24/7, self-service store. Customisable modules with optional personalisation to cater to every one of your needs.


Interactive kiosks are now an integral part of what consumers want and expect. Digitizme enables you to easily and simply manage your indoor and outdoor POS. A great customer experience, with the added bonus of Digitizme’s reliability.

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Our range of multi-purpose furniture is designed to encourage recycling and glass collection as part of our efforts to protect the environment. Evidently, all our wood is sourced from Europe.